Mahjong.Guide Quick-Fire Tournament Series

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Mahjong.Guide Quick-Fire Tournament Series

Post by Rosti » Sun Mar 12, 2017 3:10 pm

After a fairly successful first test, I'm pleased to announce the continuation of the tournament series!

Next Tournament:


Registration is in the lobby on the day, 18:30-18:55 BST

Lobby URL:
Spectator link:
Participant list and game results:


Future events TBC

Further events TBC. All dates and times are subject to change, though I'll endeavour to give at least a few days' notice if I need to move it.

Game Rules:

Games use standard Tenhou rules with red fives, open tanyao allowed, and 5+10 seconds per turn (i.e. standard third row), and a few exceptions:
  • Players do not bust out if their score goes below 0, the game continues regardless
  • South 4 round will only end when dealership passes as it would in any other round (no agariyame)
  • Players start with 30,000 points and return 30,000 points at the end (i.e. there is no oka)
  • Uma is +30 / +10 / -10 / -30
Further description of Tenhou rules can be found here

Tournament Format:

The tournament is played on For more information on how to use Tenhou, there are links to multiple guides here
  • Registration is in the tournament lobby, from 30 minutes before the start time up until 5 minutes before the start time. To register, state your interest in the lobby chat (or message me on Discord).
  • Once registration is complete, the list of participants is randomised and match seatings are drawn from a look-up table
  • In the event that the number of players is not a multiple of four, and extra players cannot be found, the last player to register will be unregistered until the total is a multiple of four.
  • All players will play through three hanchan, with scores being aggregated across the three rounds
  • Once the three rounds are complete, the top four players on score will go through to a final round. All other players receive their final placing based on score at this stage.
  • The placing of the final round will determine the final placing of the top four players, irrespective of score from the first three rounds.
    Each subsequent round will start five minutes after the completion of the longest game from the previous round. Players may request a small additional delay if required, this will be at the discretion of the organiser.
  • In the event of a tie for placings for the final after Round 3, the player(s) with the highest average final placing of opponents played will go through to the final


What's the point of these tournaments?
These tournaments are intended to provide a bit of friendly competition within the riichi mahjong community, and to get people a bit more active in playing online tournaments. There are no prizes (for now - we might be able to have free Tenhou premium if the participant numbers grow), and the format is intended to provide a bit of variance and not to be a substantial time commitment for participants. Play is for pride and bragging rights.

Can I stream games while I play/spectate?
Games may be streamed by anyone. If you are streaming your own games with minimal delay, you take full responsibility for anyone who may cheat by watching your stream (such cheating is obviously discouraged but tournament organisers are not going to resolve any disputes about it). All spectators on Tenhou will have an enforced 5 minute delay within the client.

I want to register in advance, is that possible?
No - registrations are only available within 30 minutes of the tournament start time. This is to prevent issues with people who either no-show or arrive late.

Hall of Fame:

Tournament 0:
1st =★=
2nd RoriCake
3rd milkk?

Replay of final: ... 7-8b54b451

Tournament 1:
2nd anthto
3rd Greyson

Replay of final: ... 7-fd1d01fd

Tournament 2:
1st Krabman3
2nd WHMBoar
3rd xxldr

Replay of final: ... 7-cdbbf455

Tournament 3:
1st OeSilfro
2nd oekock
3rd doux

Replay of final: ... 7-5374c74f

Tournament 4:
1st Harmonix
2nd kCyp
3rd EmeliaK

Replay of final: ... 7-ecf86ea2

Tournament 5:
1st tateniu
2nd アリアダスト
3rd 505fam

Replay of final: ... 7-2109d33b

Tournament 6:
1st アリアダスト
2nd マッチ
3rd RostiLFC

Replay of final: ... 7-86592043

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